Dark Moon Entanglement

Dark Moon Entanglement
pastel on board
18 x 24″

A barred owl descends upon a white snake
while a dark New Moon is cradled above in an owl-nest.

The spiritual aspect of the Moon has turned inward. She has pulled into herself, made herself a nest, and descended into the Otherworld. She has become a great owl, a Barred Owl. The only source of light is a small snake curled upon the ground. She is sacrificing herself to feed the Owl Moon, so that a new Moon can arise.

This piece is wild! It flew out of me.

Questions this piece is asking: What happens in the darkness that we can’t see? Not see with our eyes, but perceive with a different sight? What is going on with the Moon, this celestial body that is part of the reason life on Earth is possible? How can we tell Her story in a way that honors Her mystery?

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