Love Letter to a May Night

Love Letter to a May Night
pastel on board
12 x 16″

A Full Moon shines through a forest creating a dance of color and light.
Blue ghost fireflies waver on the forest floor.

In May the blue ghost fireflies emerge. My husband and I walk the path into our woods, without flashlight or phone, bumbling, occassionally, into the fat leaves of the rhododendron. Soon we come to the place. We’ve been seeing them all along, little blue lights wavering in the shadows, but here they are so many here it’s intoxicating. We sit on the ground and watch. 

It’s utterly magical. The moonlight sifts through the trees. The forest looks and feels so different at night, a cathedral of mystery, the floor as enchanted as the roof. We stay for a long time, speaking of loved ones past. They come close, wavering like the blue fireflies.

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