Blind-eyed Sphinx Card


  • Exquisitely printed on 100% rag paper
  • Measures 5 x 7″ and is suitable for framing
  • Envelope is 100% recycled paper
  • The story of the piece is printed on the back
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When I started this moth project, I made a list of all the peculiar moth names that intrigued me. The Blind-Eyed Sphinx was one of the first on the list, but I did not paint her first because―well, the Sphinx seemed like such an immense and mysterious mythological figure.

I was not sure how to approach her.

Who is the Sphinx? Where does she come from? I did a fair amount of research and came to the conclusion that nobody really knows.

The Sphinx is both a guardian of the mysteries and a mystery herself.

Before Sophocles wrote Oedipus, before the Parthenon was constructed, or Athens yet a city, before even the Great Pyramids of Giza, there was the Sphinx.
Far back into the fertile valleys of time, in the Deep Time that only the Stones remember, She was Beloved.

She was the Goddess, the Great Mother, Life-Giver. And she was Animal–Lion, Snake, and Bird.

Her body held their mysteries and their energies, a temple unto itself.

And here is a moth, named after her, blind-eyed (which actually just means her “eyes” don’t have spots). Still the little moth whispers of her mysteries, her ferocity, her sight into the Otherworld.