Seven Swifts at Dusk Card


  • Exquisitely printed on 100% rag paper
  • Measures 5 x 7″ and is suitable for framing
  • Envelope is 100% recycled paper
  • The story of the piece is printed on the back


I made the sketch for this painting on the Green Knob Overlook off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Far off in the east great cumulus clouds glowed pink from the setting sun―barely visible through the moist air―and aside from that pink, from where I sat there was only the blue of mountains and the blue of dusk. Sitting there, high above the busy world, I felt a deep appreciation swell in my heart for this life and all its beauty.

Far below me, Lake James shimmered, a mirror of the fading light.The South Mountains marked the diminishing blue of the horizon.

Seven swifts reeled through the air.

My heart was still with wonder.