Wake Robin Rising From the Earth


  • original pastel on board
  • 5 x 7″ framed to 8 x 10″
  • shipping for this piece will be billed separately, at cost
  • Ships in late June 2022


Let us begin with the utter astonishment that this flower has risen from nothing.

One week there’s no sign of life; the next a flower has appeared! A whole community has come to life out of forest ground!

Certainly it is customary to shelf this miracle alongside all the others of daily life on Earth. We let dust collect around them, forget that they are astnoshing. But when I’m walking in the forest in the middle of January, the ground cracked with ice and seemingly barren, I stop sometimes at the place where this wake robin lives and wonder if she is still really there, just biding her time in her roots. It seems unbelievable, and yet, every spring, more miracles.

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