The Forest Path in Autumn: original pastel


  • original pastel on board
  • 11 x 14″
  • framed with simple wooden frame
  • shipping for this piece will be billed separately, at cost


*Please note that shipping for this piece will be billed separately, at cost.*

I thought about titling this piece, “Two Paths Diverged into a Yellow Wood,” because I took the path less traveled by, and it HAS made all the difference! (You can read more about that path in the post “The Season of Endarkenment” here on my blog.)

I took the sketch for this piece along the forest path behind my house. At first, as I started laying the piece out with my pastels, it felt stilted, but as I progressed, the piece started to come alive for me.

This is a strange and inexplicable experience. I can only describe what happens like this: when you sit with a place, and sketch it carefully, you and that place become entwined. You will know this because when you re-visit the place, you will feel a sense of recognition, rather like greeting a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. It’s as if the making of the art also creates a living relationship.

I have experienced this enough to know it is undoubtedly real. And it is a remarkable feeling–to feel a place from something your hands made. If they are your hands at all, doing the work!

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