intersections of thought and reality

July 29 – September 9, 2023
Owen Gallery

a collaborative exhibition by Stephanie Thomas Berry and Alena Applerose


I am a lifelong journaler. I might even be a little obsessive: I have a daily journal, a dream journal, but also a diary to record daily events, and a planner. The benefits of my journaling practice have unfolded over my life as a rich source of healing, growth, and discovery.

But at some point in 2022, just as I was beginning a period of particular upheaval that came high-stepping into my life, the practice of words began to fail me. There was something within myself that words couldn’t reach.

So I began visual journaling, trading words for forms and shape to explore my inner self. I let my pencil flow freely with lines that held emotional information, and developed them into forms that had depth and color.

The images and words of this project, expanded upon below, arose from this small beginning into something I couldn’t have anticipated. Not only was the creative work taking me into inner landscapes previously unimagined, but I was also experiencing remarkable synchronicities and profound dreams that shook loose old walls in my psyche and opened the door for the numinous to enter.

Three Fires

A fire heats strands of DNA that loop upward,which are then struck by lightning,and finally reformed in solar light This was the first piece I did for this show. Two…

Owl Woman is a recent work by Stephanie Thomas Berry

Owl Woman

A barn owl is perched in a blooming hawthorn, a tree of great enchantment and powerful heart medicine. A new moon rises in the thinnest light of dawn. In the…

The Joining

From the night’s stormy heavens a bolt of lightning shatters the dark. Spiralling on the Earth, a great black snake absorbs the electricity and disperses it around her body in…

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