Trillium Fields: original pastel


  • original pastel on board
  • 8 x 10 ″ framed to approx 12 x 14″
  • cherry wood frame
  • shipping for this piece will be billed separately, at cost
  • Ships in Late June, 2022

Take a drive on the Parkway in early Mayl, up near Crabtree Falls in North Carolina, and you’ll be treated to swaths of trilliums blooming en masse. It’s so breathtaking and peaceful you’ll feel like you’ve entered a wonderland, which of course you have.

So. Many. Trilliums!

The air is awash in trillium song, and the forest is dappled with their own unique light. And if you consider the scene from the perspective that everything is conscious, it might occur to you that the Trillium People are busy, not just with the delightful work of pollination, but also with the cultivation of their own spiritual energy saturating the forest you are walking in.

You might even want to take off your shoes. 

Trillium Fields by Stephanie Thomas Berry, a pastel depicting swaths of trillium bloomsTrillium Fields: original pastel
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