Thick Fog Morning — 3 Comments

  1. Thank You so much Stephanie! It is so nice to read your stories and see your artwork again. I had missed your emails this year. This is such a beautiful story. It was a lean harvest. I’m glad to have harvested as much as we did but the rains of midsummer and intense heat our garden and hearts just balked “no more”. We are learning new/old lessons in self sustainability. I grew up in an rural agrarian small town. There were church suppers and grange suppers everyone had someone in their extended family who still farmed (the mycorrhizal network) no one was ever hungry that I knew of.The ponds were full of fish, deer were everywhere and the orchards full of apples! I think there are alot of us envisioning a new story!
    This is a nourishing web to have found…

  2. Thank you, Myra! I think true self-sustainability is really only possible through community-sustainability! Let’s hold that vision–a new version of a very old story indeed. 🙂

  3. Yes: Indeed! i had to reread this “Thick Fog Morning” it paints beautiful images in my mind. Hmmm when the cold air of fall hits the warm earth = Fog! I am interacting with newsletters, watching videos, listening to podcasts; our new way of reaching out and being heard!. We have learned with purpose just how much we are all longing for community during this time of social distancing and what has felt like isolation. I will keep leaning in and visioning too!

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