From the Sky World a crow holds loosely in her claws a red ribbon that descends in intricate loops to the ground where it frays then turns into roots of a bloodroot flower that is blooming upside down in the Underworld.

pastel on board, 8 x 28″


This piece arose from a vision, as I was playing with the image of a red ribbon, which came to me in a dream some time ago. Like the dream, the image is a mystery to me. It’s an image of two worlds joined in a way that defies all logic, an upside-down twist of root and vein and ribbon, heralded by the crow, trickster and familial spirit.

As I was creating this piece, two things happened that explained it to me, sort of. It’s rather how a dream might reveal its meaning to you weeks or months, or even years, after it’s written down. First, I had an encounter with a crow. It was the sort of thing where I was asking a question, and seeking healing, for a problem in my life. The crow showed up and had an answer for me. This does not make sense in the logical sort of way, but I am of the mind that logic has little footing in the Great Mystery.

The second event occurred when a woman explained to me that the bloodroot bore close associations, in a spiritual sense, to family.

I suppose then, that the image has three events associated with it: dream, crow, and woman. And still it stands in that place of irrationality. Like an irrational number, it just refuses to be contained. And curiously, an irrational number is part of its creation, because the division of dark and light was created using a Golden Mean caliber, one of the very fun tools I have in my toolbox, and that is uses the irrational everywhere relationship/number of Phi.

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