Snow at the Confluence Card


  • Exquisitely printed on 100% rag paper
  • Measures 5 x 7″ and is suitable for framing
  • Envelope is 100% recycled paper
  • The story of the piece is printed on the back

I was not expecting it to snow. I think we were all surprised by the storm. And still it kept falling. 

All my plans were put on pause. Because certain things make us pause, and beauty, in the form of a magical December snow, is certainly one of them.

We walked to the river, my husky-ish dog leaping through the snow with unmitigated pleasure. This spot is already a place of perpetual magic, the confluence of Rock Creek and the South Toe River, but on this snow day it was in rare form.  

I had to get to the studio. I had to paint this. It was like all that magic wanted to be made into something: a hat, or a painting, or a prayer. 

I’m so in love with the world.

PlaceholderSnow at the Confluence Card
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