Mountains Box


A collection of 5 cards featuring my favorite mountainscapes.

  • Each card is exquisitely printed on 100% rag paper
  • They measure 5 x 7″ and are suitable for framing
  • Comes in a recycled paper box
  • Envelopes are 100% recycled paper


To be on a mountain is to shift your perspective in a profound way. The beauty that envelopes us on a mountaintop is deeply nourishing to our spirits. It’s why we love the Blue Ridge Parkway, the hiking trails, and the vistas.

This collection celebrates the breathtaking mystery of the mountain with five of my favorites: The Dappled Giants, Dusk on the Escarpment, Seven Swifts on the Edge of Dusk, Raven and Spring Beauties, and Spring Rising on Singecat Ridge. 

Each card has a little backstory on the back. Here is what is on the back of Raven and Spring Beauties:

Spring had hardly yet arrived.

On the mountaintops only the thinnest whispers of her jubilant choir could be heard. 

I was walking through Craggy Gardens, from the picnic area to the overlook, to a place I had been before, but a long time hence. 

I felt a deep yearning for the forest. For something that was essential to my human experience and at the same time utterly elusive, like a shadow play cast upon the ground. The story being told was mine, and yet I could not decipher the meaning. 

A raven soared above the tangle of branches.

Her earthen voice broke the still air.

Her shadow grazed the Spring Beauties, little pink blossoms just open on the dark ground.

Mountains Box
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