Owl Woman: original pastel


  • pastel on board, 12 x 16″
  • framed to 16 x 20″ with archival mat board and backing


A barn owl is perched in a blooming hawthorn, a tree of great enchantment and powerful heart medicine.

A new moon rises in the thinnest light of dawn.

In the crook of seven branches, a wounded heart is surrounded by a wreath of hawthorn flowers. The arteries branch from the heart then vine around the hawthorn tree; the capillaries spread along the bark like roots or lichen.

The owl holds the heart with one foot, but her talons are carefully curled up, so as not to injure it. In the other foot a red thread is curled around her toes and talons. She is sewing up the wound, the hole that is in the heart. To do this she has made a hole in her own body, and she pulls the healing red thread from herself.

You can read more about this piece in the gallery.

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